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Opinions .vs. Convictions
We are told that opinions are 'dime a dozen'. However, in our opinion (did you see the pun :-)), they do matter, as they bring in diversity.
In this section, you will find an interesting collation of articles and our own opinions - nay CONVICTIONS

Of e-Rupi and RBI’s CBDC

The biggest challenge that RBI will have will be in positioning this appropriately and in managing change. We think that the debate on “traceability” / “comparison with UPI” are both non-starters. Instead, the focus should shift back to “convenience” and “zero scam / failure”. Which is what is expected from an e-currency as a replacement of “hard cash”.

Opportunities in 5G for India and startups

We believe that 5G is part of the core infrastructure that is getting built in the country and the rollout will help us leapfrog into newer technologies, and will open up new investment opportunities similar to what happened when GPS was made public or with the launch of the India Stack

Account Aggregator Framework : Indiastack’s next opportunity

We believe that the Account Aggregator Framework, with the overall India Stack set, will allow India to take pole position when it comes to digital infrastructure esp. in Fintech and Citizen services. This will open up new investment opportunities with applications being built in India for the world market.