Seasons' greetings & Happy new year.

The founders of July Ventures have always been focused on providing CxO level support even before the formation of a fund, when we were an advisory firm. The partners chose to go for a regular CAT I VC fund over an angel fund (knowing that it was more difficult given the economy was just recovering from Covid impact), as we were very confident of both our thesis and our ability to attract quality deals. We were both pleasantly surprised and are indebted to our early investors – they backed us with conviction and confidence in the model.


Looking back, it was the good decision to keep the fund size small and the team size big enough to contribute significantly to our investments. Today, after a little more than a year since the fund’s inception, we have deployed over 35% of our corpus and have a healthy pipeline to look forward to. While we continue to focus on a few verticals such as SaaS in Supply-Chain, Education, Health etc., a majority of our investments to-date has been in FINTECH.


As 2022 draws to a close, we are very bullish and enthusiastic with what 2023 holds as promise. Digital adoption across the economy will only accelerate and we believe that digital infrastructure  and technologies like 5G, Account Aggregator models will become the underpinning for global scale.


Our thesis of new-age technology / application “stacks” being re-imagined is amply validated and will see growth as a “prime-mover” in the global markets.


We thank you for all the support and guidance extended (esp. our investors) and look forward to working with co-investors, eco-system players.

Happy holidays and happy new year.