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A gamified, AI based, behavioural scoring platform

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ConfirmU is our portfolio company that leverages psychometric games to assess an applicant's intent to repay, focusing on personality traits rather than financial status. In this webinar, Yatir, the CEO, highlights ConfirmU’s global traction, core market in India, and expansion into other verticals such as insurance and HR.

Please listen to this recording where Yatir, the CEO of ConfirmU, introduces their game-based underwriting solution. The goal of the solution is to provide access to credit for the approximately 4 billion individuals worldwide who lack sufficient credit history, particularly focusing on the Indian market. The startup aims to reinvent the underwriting space and enable financial inclusion.


You will understand how ConfirmU’s approach is different from traditional underwriting methods. Instead of assessing an applicant’s financial capability to repay a loan, they focus on evaluating the applicant’s intent to repay. The startup has developed a 3-minute psychometric game that can analyze 11 personality traits, providing lenders with valuable insights into an applicant’s repayment intentions.


ConfirmU differentiates itself by focusing solely on this specific underwriting problem. Despite being relatively new in the market, they have gained global traction and are particularly successful in their core market of India. They are also exploring expansion into other verticals, such as insurance and HR.


The team behind ConfirmU, including the founder, has experience working with global tech companies, and the CTO, who is a serial tech entrepreneur with a strong background in pattern recognition and innovation has worked as the chief architect at Intuit. The team also comprises individuals with expertise in credit risk modeling, psychometrics, and gamification.


Yatir explains the value proposition for lenders, highlighting that the startup’s solution enables them to approve more individuals without significantly increasing risk. By assessing an applicant’s intent to repay, lenders can extend credit to those who may have been previously rejected due to a lack of credit history. This represents a significant market opportunity in India, particularly in the emerging sectors of microfinance, buy now pay later, and non-traditional credit.


ConfirmU already achieved success with various clients, both in India and globally. They have partnered with microfinance institutions, lenders, and insurance companies, enabling them to reach a wide range of consumers. The representative mentions specific success stories, including an impressive conversion rate of rejected borrowers to paying customers for a Bangalore-based company.

In short, ConfirmU’s value proposition is to facilitating top-of-the-funnel growth for lenders, improving the quality of loan portfolios, and enhancing customer engagement. You will also understand briefly the scientific principles behind the psychometric game used in the underwriting process.


Overall, ConfirmU’s game-based underwriting solution offers a unique approach to address the challenges of credit access for individuals without sufficient credit history. By focusing on intent rather than financial status, the startup aims to enable greater financial inclusion and access to credit for billions of people globally.