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Moneyclub is a gamified technology platform to allow for pooling and settlement of small value P2P loans. The key target market is lower middle-class individuals who want to participate in chit-funds safely and securely. Moneyclub has tapped into the vast potential of India's underserved population, providing a secure and efficient platform for group savings. Its deep tech approach, coupled with its focus on user engagement and data-driven underwriting provides a solid platform for profitable growth.

This is the recording of the webinar that is part of July’s Portfolio Showcase, presented by Manuraj Jain, the founder and CEO of Moneyclub.

The session aimed to provide participants with a better understanding of Moneyclub’s current business and its potential for growth.


Moneyclub is a pioneering deep tech group savings platform designed specifically for the Indian market esp. targeted at “Bharat” market. It is a unique product that addresses the financial needs of individuals like Umesh, who resides in a Tier 2 city, works in a factory, and earns a monthly income of around ₹25,000 to ₹30,000. Umesh, representing a significant portion of the population, constantly faces financial crises and requires a safety net to stay afloat without resorting to debt.


Traditionally, people like Umesh relied on rotating savings and credit associations called “ROSCAS” to manage their finances. Roscas (aka chit-funds in some Indian markets) are a form of group savings where members of a trusted social network come together, pool their savings, and rotate the funds among themselves. For instance, if there are four people contributing ₹2,500 each, resulting in a pool of ₹10,000, one member can bid for the entire amount, and the interest paid upfront is distributed among the other members. This process continues until each member has had a chance to access the pooled funds.


However, there are inherent risks associated with Roscas, such as fraud or mismanagement by the group owner or cashier who brings the group together. Transactions are often conducted in cash, leaving participants vulnerable in case of fraudulent activities.

This is where Moneyclub steps in.


Moneyclub has developed a deep tech group savings platform in the form of an Android mobile app. Users across India can download the app, undergo a verification process, and be matched with suitable groups to pool and rotate their savings. The platform utilizes proprietary underwriting algorithms to assess users’ creditworthiness and weed out unscrupulous individuals as they progress on their financial journey.


Importantly, Moneyclub does not centralize or handle users’ funds. Instead, all funds are notionally pooled, and the winner of each round enters their UPI ID (Unified Payments Interface) in the app, while the other participants directly transfer their contributions to the winner’s bank account using their UPI apps. This decentralized approach enhances the safety and security of the platform.


Moneyclub’s traction has been impressive, with 2.5 million transactions, close to 100,000 Moneyclubs formed, and approximately ₹150 crore rotated by users. The revenue model is straightforward, with a 3.5% take rate from the winner of each round. The platform has acquired around 660,000 users, and its stellar product-market fit has driven its success.


By offering a convenient alternative to traditional banking and lending options, Moneyclub provides individuals like Umesh with quick access to funds within six hours. Participants in the savings groups also earn higher interest rates compared to their regular bank accounts, leading to a 90% repeat rate among users. The platform boasts a favorable LTV (lifetime value) to CAC (customer acquisition cost) ratio of 6:1 and an outstanding default rate of 1.3% to 1.5%.


Moneyclub’s growth has been exponential, with increasing transaction volumes, cumulative pooled amounts, and stable user acquisition costs. The platform’s three-tier filtering and underwriting model, combined with its handling of extensive transaction data, contribute to its profitability and ability to attract disciplined and engaged savers.


Cohort data reveals the impressive growth of users’ transaction volumes over time, with cohorts from various months consistently surpassing their initial transaction amounts. Users on the platform transact at a remarkably high frequency, up to 360 times per year, indicating their strong engagement and loyalty.


In summary, Moneyclub has tapped into the vast potential of India’s underserved population, providing a secure and efficient platform for group savings. Its deep tech approach, coupled with its focus on user engagement and data-driven underwriting provides a solid platform for profitable growth.