July Ventures
as an early stage VC fund

we are empathetic partners

Our team’s collective, expansive experience as hands-on entrepreneurs,
global business managers, angel investors, and also as VC fund managers,
helps us understand the hopes, aspirations and the challenges of early-stage ventures

hey entrepreneur,
are you chasing
windmills ?

We believe the Don Quixotic ’tilting at windmills’ changes into “chasing of windmills” in the mind of an entrepreneur.
The entrepreneurial journey has  the allure of curiosity, wonder (what if) and the heroic dreams of what can be the future.
If they are big, stodgy and slow moving wheels, let’s have a go at them and make them the spinning wheels of progress.


we believe, entrepreneurs spin the giant wheels of progress

Are you the quintessential entrepreneur chasing windmills ?
Meticulous, persistent, ever optimistic, relentless and daring to dream BIG ?
Do you want to change the world ?
Are you in a hurry ?

partners in your startup journey

our value add is more than just FUNDING

sales & marketing support

We work with the team to establish solid product market fit. With a hands-on approach, do not be surprised if we get on the road with you to be a sales evangelist for your enterprise + product.

financial planning & operations

Cashflows, financial KPIs and compliance can all be greek/latin to the typical entrepreneur. We provide guidance and oversight.

technology roadmap

Where needed, we play the roles of technology architects, help recruit the best talent and also support structures for scale.

CxO coach

We are the default echo-board for all our investee CEOs and CxOs. We invest in creating an environment of trust that is based on frank debates.

get s**t done

is of essence

Just like you, we place a lot of emphasis on time.
Let's not waste your time and we'd rather not have you waste ours.
We engage with startups when they have had initial product-market fit and want to be able to accelerate to a Series A or beyond investment.
We do not have a sector bias, we like pre series-A B2B & SaaS opportunities.
We want to see a great technology foundation, strong moats and stellar market potential.

deep history of nurture

our portfolio, our references