July Ventures
ESG considerations in our business

sustainable investing

responsible operations

we, as the AMC, are committed to lead by “example” in our behaviour and operations, and we will hold ourselves to the strictest standards of measurement and transparency on the same KPIs and the same rigor, that we measure our portfolio with.


sustainable value for all

corporate citizen

our responsibility as a corporate citizen

regulatory compliance

our responsibility towards governance and compliance

investor's expectations

managing investors' expectations & goals

how do we implement this ?

when selecting businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in, we seek out those who not only recognize but actively embrace sustainable practices. we understand that ESG performance is not a static target; it is an ongoing journey.

while we do not impose rigid demands for perfection, we do expect a genuine commitment from founders and management teams. together, we aim to meet or exceed our ESG KPIs throughout the investment lifecycle.

we passionately believe that aligning with ESG principles creates value not only for our Limited Partners (LPs), but also for our portfolio companies.

  • our approach as summarized below, is grounded in open communication.
  • early and transparent dialogues with our portfolio companies allows us to collaboratively address their unique ESG risks and opportunities.
  • we provide the necessary tools and guidance to navigate these challenges, ensuring that our shared goals are achieved


we are mindful of the general themes surrounding ESG and our role as a responsible investor when considering potential investments.

investment committee

we outline ESG risks in the Investment Memorandum. relevant ESG topics are explored as part of the investment committee discussion and decision-making process.


we screen all prospective portfolio companies against our ESG Exclusion List which contains various assets we will not invest into

portfolio management

we monitor and assist our portfolio companies’ performance through periodic engagement and guidance to integrate ESG strategies.


we use our ESG DD framework to identify risks as part of the diligence process and drive our decision-making.
the framework is aligned to both GRI as well as the BRSR standards.

exit planning & management

we provide an ESG summary based on the engagement lifecycle with the portfolio which helps new investors map thier expectations and plan appropriately